Family Law


Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Samuel Bachinski has practiced family law in Thunder Bay for over 20 years. In addition to providing past representation in criminal law and civil litigation cases, he has appeared before several tribunals and in every level of Court in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal.

Mr. Bachinski heads the Family Law Department at CARREL+Partners LLP. He is dedicated to providing knowledgeable service to his clients in all areas of family law including separation agreements, divorces, child and spousal support, business valuations, pension division and division of property.

Selected Reported Decisions

  • Petit v. Petit [2008] O.J. No. 5437
    This case involved fighting for custody, child support, a division of property and defending on the issue of spousal support.
  • Guignard v. Guignard [2009] O.J. No. 2267
    This case dealt with the imputation of income for the purposes of support.
  • Bark v. Ciotucha [2002] O.J. No. 3534
    This case dealt with the issue of support and division of property.
  • Urbanowicz v. Urbanowicz [1998] O.J. No. 2523
    This case dealt with a division of property and support when one person is self-employed.
  • Warren-Daze v. Grant [1993] O.J. No. 484
    This case dealt with the issue of interim custody of a young child.

Academic Qualifications

  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce, Lakehead University, 1986
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Victoria, 1989
  • Called to the Bar of Ontario, 1991

Professional Affiliations

Current Community Involvement

  • Coach, Northwood Hockey League, 2012 to present

More About Sam

Separating from a spouse is hard, sometimes very hard. Sam helps his family law clients during what can be one of the most stressful times in their lives with sensitivity and foresight, using a no-nonsense approach when advising clients on the reality of each situation they will go through.

Having worked as a Family Law lawyer for over 30 years, Sam recognizes the special challenges and complex nature of separation. Having a background in business, Sam recognizes the unique aspects of dividing properties, especially pensions and businesses.

Sam is organized, has great attention to detail, and ensures he maintains effective communication with his clients as he navigates them through their legal complexities.

When Sam is not in the office Sam can be found on the lake and attending courses, be it Strathcona, Whitewater, or Fort William.